Thursday, September 09, 2004

The I see it...

Caveat Emptor: This blog might sound like crap because of its tone. I myself did not feel like writing this one, but my heart gave in to my mind.

Sometimes, I feel that I live in my own world. I don't probably understand the world as much as I think I do. :( I seem to assume that...

- it is easy to inspire people
- everyone wants and loves peace
- everyone will live and let others live
- everyone will strive for togetherness and harmony and will help prevent fights
- everyone is passionate or at least loves what he/she does (work)
- everyone thinks from the organizational perspective and not just about himself/his team alone
- It is possible to help people understand why they should admit mistakes and not blame others for the wrong that they committed
- It is possible to help everyone (or at least many people) understand other perspectives

No! Not that I am perfect. I am definitely not. But I try to be. I think that will make all the difference. Maybe what life has given me so far is what has made me what I am.

I can never stop wondering why some people can't stand genuine people! They can only think that they are acting smart or putting on a mask! It even seems like arrogance and dominance for some! But going back to the core question - Is it better to live in your own world and not bother about the way the rest of the world works? (you might say that it is my perception and not the truth...but I've failed in understanding the logic behind certain people's behaviour time and again). Is it wrong to think that the world should be ideal? Should one move along with the rest of the world and behave the same way?

This whole thing comes to the forefront only because I am trying to change the culture in the organization. Can I? Some people believe that you must be showing off if you try and tell them why they should change. Esp. if they are more experienced and believe that they know more than you. Esp. if they believe that you are trying to lead and thereby are encroaching into their arena.

Okay...this blog might sound like crap. I generally don't like to complain, but this was something I wanted to write down given what I encountered in the past few days. People who weren't ready to take a challenge, people who were running away, people who don't care about innovation and improvement but only about doing the day's regular chores, people who think that you should not be enthusiastic about everything.

Methinks - Enthusiasm is appreciated only by people who perceive a benefit in it for them.

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