Monday, September 20, 2004

Why KM is Important!

Today is Blogging Day! I read something on David Skyrme's Blog and I wanted to reiterate that to myself and combine it with my own thoughts and blog it! So, here goes...

He says:
  • Learning is the result of electrical signals crossing neurons to create pathways.
    As actions are repeated the pathways become stronger and the actions are more automatic.
    Imagination can create and strengthen pathways.
    It's one thing to fill the brain with facts; quite another to recall them. (Don't we know it!). Recall is about triggering the pathways.
    If some pathways are broken, then other routes are usually available.
    We can remember without realizing it. Our subconscious memory (intuition) plays a larger role than many of us recognize.
    Innovation is often the result of new combinations of thoughts; an example cited was combining the notion of a hand-held axe with that of a wooden shaft to create a more powerful axe with a handle.
We might have a lot of knowledge on various topics and subjects....but when is its full potential realized? It is stored somewhere in our brains, but it can be recalled and put to use only when the pathways that David refers to are active and alive. And, it's only activities like knowledge sharing, answering questions, and documentation that will help us enable and activate these pathways! So, if you want to keep those neurons and pathways alive, share, learn, read, answer and write!

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