Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Thinking Aloud...(A Poem)

Something I wrote long before I started blogging. Wanted to blog it....

Life is but an illusion
That promotes many a delusion
If there is a lot of confusion
Then this is precisely the reason
Between head and heart there is no fusion!

What is it that people run after?
Is it only money or fame or something softer?
How many can really understand life?
And pull through any illusory strife?
How many do they teach?
And their knowledge preach?

When will there be true freedom?
Is there such a thing as martyrdom?
One moment seems like the best ever!

And the very next seems like gloom forever.
What is eternal, if there is anything so?
Aren't all things here only to go?
People only seem to add to the chaos.
The state of affairs definitely shows.

Okay, putting all that aside.
Is there something by which the world abides?
What will happen 500 years from now?
Will civilization die out or better evolve?
Will GOD come to the forefront?
Or will people claim to be the GOD after the hunt?
Will the soul still stick around?
Or will it disappear, by the body bound?
Will it be the same problems that hound?
Will peace and job be forever found?
Will the blue sky become the new ground?
Will knowledge be more sound?
Will the earth continue to be round?
And no...I am not trying to be jocund.

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