Monday, September 27, 2004

Bloggers Galore

I decided to view my Blog profile and see if I could get creative and change it just to get the kicks...and I discovered that all Bloggers with the same books as their favourites, with the same music as their favourites, residing in the same city et al are linked and connected by Google!
I clicked on one of the links and then another and then another and then another.........whew! I got lost as one might expect, but boy o boy...did I mind it? I discovered some amazing Blogs. There are so many interesting people out there! People with amazing, writing, techie wizkids....! There was one particular Blog that caught my attention like an insect in a spider's web. The pictures were awesome. The ramblings and musings were mystic. That one smacked of solitude, an eye for nature and the like. I stood still and read the blog without taking my eyes away or without breathing if the Blog would be blown away were I to do so....

Amazing. It would be excellent to know such mystic and 'thinking' people. But would they really express those amazing thoughts in person? Or are they meant just for their Blogs? I certainly have some reserved just for my Blog!

But that's not what I am getting at. The more you see of the world, the more you realize how much more there is to learn and how much more is still a mystery to you!