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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Secret

Ok. I think I've found the ultimate secret of life. Please don't get me wrong, dear Kung Fu Panda. If you're able to muster every ounce of the ambidexterity within you to apply perfectly equal control on the two extreme and opposite forces that manifest themselves in each of the million odd dimensions of life, then you're unconquerable. There. Now that you know, just go do it. You're welcome.

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Think Buddha. "Stay in the middle path".

Friday, October 07, 2011


Just reading these Buddhist tenets makes me feel serene. Following these, however, I know will require herculean effort and infinite faith.

    1. Bao Yen Hsin: The willingness to accept, without complaining, suffering and unhappiness because you understand it is your own karma.
    2. Sui Yen Hsin: Understanding that all situations are the consequences of karmic causes, and therefore, you maintain equanimity in all circumstances, both negative and positive.
    3. Tsung Fa Hsin: Realizing through practice the essence of your Buddha Nature, which is equanimity.