Monday, September 06, 2004

The Car Game!

We recently had a workshop that aimed to help our team work together for the best results. It was a team-building exercise as it were. There was one game that we played that I thought was interesting and cool! The CAR Game! What's it all about?

The team gets together, draws a dream car, thinks of all possible parts, accessories & fittings for the car that it would want the car to have. But there's a small catch here. The parts, accessories & fittings would necessarily have to be those that can be related to a team. For eg: Wipers - The team ought to have a wiper that can provide the team with clarity of view on a 'rainy' day. This wiper can be a team member, or rather a practice/activity that the team takes up to ensure clarity of view. Another example - Stereo/Radio - Communication. The team has to ensure that it gets together, makes use of tools and processes to communicate clearly and regulary with each other.

Boy, did we had fun! We identified 20+ such parts, accessories et al and related each of them to a team-characteristic. And then decided, for example, if we already had Wipers or had to do something to get them.... :)

Try this out with your team. Good one to do, easy one to relate to, interesting to implement and follow as well! :)

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