Monday, September 06, 2004

Music...My Oxygen

I can't simply imagine what I'd do in this world if it weren't for music. I wouldn't be breathing! I can't live a single day wothout music. I love the morning trip to office and the evening trip back home primarily because of the music that I get to listen to during the journey. (The other reason being the time I get to simply relax and think creatively). It helps me chill out. It helps me forget the big bad world.

I don't listen to all kinds of music simply because I've not tried out everything. But my favourites are Ilayaraja (Divine), R.D Burman, Old Hindi Film Music, Instrumental, Spiritual, Fusion and melodious classical English music. What would I have done without these Music Composers! I dread to think... :0

Music is a wonderful thing. What you can do with a good voice and some nice instruments! Magic! Spiritual healing!

I'd have loved to be a singer. But do I have the voice? Although I hate to say this, I feel it's a little too late now. But in my next birth I shall be a fantastic singer. I shall realize the meaning of life as a musician. I say this with confidence. Coz you are what you think. (Then why is it that I can't think I am a musician in this life? well...errrr....hmmm... excuse me... :))

(As an aside remark, in fact, one of my colleagues said that when he discovered that he had high BP all he did was listen to his kind of music for 3 days and voila - the BP was no more high. :) Wow!)

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