Monday, September 20, 2004

LG's foray into Non-Durable Consumer Goods

LG now has a set of non-durable consumer products like soaps, toothpaste, powder et al. I caught their advt. for these products a couple of times on TV. Did not get to observe it very closely though. But one thing was clear. They weren't advertising for their products separately and independantly a la' HLL/P&G. The LG brand was louder than the product's brand. The name of the soap/toothpaste/powder wasn't obvious, even if heard. And in fact, it was one advt. that spoke about all their non-durable consumer products! Interesting! Maybe this is just a temporary tactic - and a part of their long-term advertisement strategy. Maybe now, this advt. is only out to show that LG is into non-durable consumer goods apart from their regular durable consumer wares. Down the line, it could be a separate advt. a la' HLL/P&G! What LG?

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