Thursday, September 16, 2004

What does it take to be a KMer? (Dave Snowden)

I found this in my inbox. Stashed away in a long-lost folder. How convenient that I ca put everything in my Blog now! :)

This is a piece by Dave Snowden on what it takes to be a KMer:

1. Conceptual thinking - developing the big picture; understanding the wider knowledge context and the organization's strategy within it

2. Advocacy - they must articulate the knowledge agenda and actively promote it, and justify it, sometimes against cynicism or even open hostility.

3. Project and people management - they have to oversee a variety of activities, and therefore need to pay attention to detail and motivate the people carry out these tasks

4. Communications - they must be excellent nonworkers, communicating clearly the knowledge agenda, have good listening skills and be sensitive to organizational opportunities and obstacles

5. Other generic general management characteristics required are leadership, teamworking, influencing, and interpersonal skills. A combination of all these skills equips them as excellent agents of change.


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