Friday, September 24, 2004

Blogging - Business

What are the possible business objectives/HR objectives wherein Blogging could help?

- Ramp up/Learning (Hand-holding freshers)
- Innovation and Community-Building
- Leadership
- Succession Planning (?) and Job-match (?)

Some questions that can be asked prior to trying out Blogging in a team:

- Does everyone in the group get equal opportunities to voice their thoughts and ideas?
- Are all individual’s ideas and thought-processes captured for later use?
- Is everyone equally aware of the latest happenings in the DSP-Multimedia domain?
- Are there some unique areas like debugging and error-handling that are well-handled by some but not by all?
- Is there a perfect knowledge sharing environment in the project teams?
- How good are employees at managing their personal knowledge? What kind of tools do they use?
- How many of the group members know their leader and know/understand the latter’s thoughts and ideas?
- How familiar are employees with customer-relationships, project management etc?

Blogging can be part of the solution for such challenges.

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