Monday, September 20, 2004

Advertisements and Truth

Fond that I am of branding and advertising, I can't help but comment on the 'nexus' between advertisements and truth! The layman would tend to believe that advertisements are rarely truthful and that their only objective is to SELL! There are some advertisements that of course have created history for being utterly truthful. Who can forget the Avis "We are #2. We try harder"? against Hertz? Coming down to some advertisements that I've observed (but they might not have made news like the Avis advt.) are Aditya Birla Cement: "Perhaps the best cement in the country!". Interesting, eh? The perhaps smacks of honesty and effort to admit the truth. But does it sell? I am not aware...anyone knows?

The other is probably an advt. that only rural India will have seen. An ad for a soap bar. The anchor says "It doesn't matter which soap you use as long as you have your bath!" :) And then the soap bar for which the advt. was made is shown. :0 Different! Does it work?

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