Monday, September 06, 2004


One of my friends was talking about pursuing dreams................and achieving them; however far-fetched they might sound.

Isn't it a pity that few of us dream and even if we do, they are all materialistic in nature? Sometimes, we dare to dream a 'big' n 'noble' dream but then we give up even before we start coz we think it is foolish and impractical? Would India have achieved independance if Gandhi and the other freedom-fighters hadn't dreamt of it? Would we have gone to the Moon if Kennedy hadn't dreamt of it? Would we have been able to fly across seas if the Wright Brothers hadn't dreamt of it? Would we have survived diseases if doctors hadn't dreamt of curing them?

One can go on on these lines for ever...every significant thing that has been achieved in this world is because some one decided to dare to dream. And pursue it in the face of severe challenges. Sometimes at the cost of oneself! Sometimes at the cost of having to face brickbats from the rest of the world. Sometimes at the cost of a whole lifetime. The satisfaction that one gets when a cherished dream is realized is mind-boggling. That one moment of joy can erase a life-time of suffering...!

Or you could look at it from another angle to which I subscribe - The process is more fulfilling than the end. True happiness is in enjoying the process rather than focusing on the end-result. That's the ultimate path to true happiness.

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