Friday, September 03, 2004

2 More Quotes (Lou Gerstner and APJAK)

2 more quotes that are cool. Don't know if I've posted these in the earlier list...why take a change anyway? Reiteration helps...

The age-old levers of competition - labour, capital and land - are being supplemented by knowledge, and the most successful companies in the future will be those that learn how to exploit knowledge (about customer behaviour, markets, economics and technology) to...renew the way they define themselves, think and operate. - Former IBM chairman Lou Gerstner

APJ Abdul Kalam - The ability to create and maintain the knowledge infrastructure, develop knowledge workers and enhance their productivity through creation, and nurturing and exploitation of new knowledge will be the key factors in a nation becoming a knowledge superpower. - Igniting India's Mind - Vision 2020 - The Week (December 2003)

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