Monday, September 20, 2004

KM Challenges

David Skyrme again. He says the challenges that KM will face in the next few years are (not in the same order):

1. Integration with Business Strategy
2. Embedding in the org. processes
3. Measuring the benefits
4. Information overload
5. Collaborative technologies that work with humans
6. Harnessing networks/communities
7. Openness and Trust - ? (not sure about the exact message here)

Except the ambiguity in the last point, I couldn't agree more with him. But I have a few points to add....

8. 'Threat' from other functions or disharmony between KM and other functions/departments like training, information systems and e-learning because of the overlap in objectives.
9. Customer confidentiality clauses getting in the way of seamless KM and collaboration
10. Threat of hackers into KM systems

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