Friday, September 03, 2004

KM - The Job - Pointers

Some things that I need to apply @ work... I found these documented in one of my folders. (It was no less than a discovery...sheesh...Am I so badly organized or is there so much happening?) I don't know when I did this...but if I can recall at least some thing, this is probably what came out of my discussions with a senior Quality Manager... (mentoring!)

- Learn to identify the people who matter most. Get things done through them.
- Delegate, Not having someone to delegate things to can hamper your thinking abilities
- For PPAs (project postmortem analysis), apply a thumb rule and identify projects that matter most. Longer duration projects will generate more documents and experts. Focus on them. Don’t try to put your hands into every project closure/initiation. Check with the Software Quality Analyst for more information on the projects.
- Don’t compare groups (within a unit) when the situation is that the momentum is yet to be built completely. Wait for at least a few groups to settle down.
- Build in the measurement criteria and tracking mechanisms slowly. Don’t rush them.
- Communicating to a large audience requires different tactics and strategies. Written, informal, through champions, meetings, discussions, task forces, committees et al
- You can’t have one KM strategy for the entire vertical. You need to tailor the plan.

Some of these - I already have taken care of. Some others...I should be...

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