Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Three Questions (Another Poem)

Another of my (silly) poems...

What's the secret of success?
Is a question that I have asked myself...
Can one ever have all that one needs and nothing less?
Is another question that troubles self...
Why do you have to have sorrow with joy? Why the mess?
Has been a question that has been bothering me no less.

I went looking for the answers in every nook and corner.
But no...nothing was I able to garner.
I wrote it down in that lovely pocket book of mine.
Maybe I would find the answers when things were fine!

It was a beautiful morning in the month of may.
The sun was shining down and looked like it had something to say.
I looked up and asked it to wait.
Then, i hopped up to the terrace hoping that it wasn't a bait.

I pulled out the pocket book and asked the first question.
The smile that the Sun gave me in return was a revelation.
"Enthusiasm!" I snapped my fingers and almost screamed aloud.
"That's my secret" the Sun said shining through a dark cloud.

I had the answer to my first question! But what about the next?
I read it out to the Sun continuing my quest!
To this, the Sun replied "Wrong one, my friend. Think again!"
There was something about the Sun that day...and so with my brain!
It all came to me. "We have all that we need! We just have to use it!"
Said the Sun "There you go! You have uderstood every bit!"

Out came the third question to which this is what the Sun had to say.
"Sleep on this. Why do you have to have both night and day?".
I came down wiser and wrote down the answers (in my pocket book).

.....and in my blog! :)

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