Monday, October 18, 2004

Paradoxes and Creativity/Innovation

I am reading this book on Managing Creativity and Innovation from the Harvard Business Essentials series. It is a decent book! Some food for thought...though it could have been written in a much more interesting manner given that the topic is the ever-exciting field of creativity and innovation! :)

Nevertheless, it's a good book. What I wanna blog is this - the author talks about the need for a paradoxical team for creativity and innovation! He talks about the need for a group that intends to be creative to have people fresh out of college as well as those with good experience; those who are playful and those who are rigid and disciplined; those who are risk-averse and those who take risks and so forth! Interesting! So, paradoxical circumstances can deliver the best! Hmm...that strengthens my bonding with paradoxes that much more... :)