Wednesday, October 27, 2004

KM and Innovation - Start Something

Am I in the mood to put up some of my (okay-dokay) newsletters today! Here is another...

In a book titled ‘How Breakthroughs Happen: The Surprising Truth about How Companies Innovate’, the author Andrew Hargadon says that a light bulb flashing over the head of a lone scientist might be the universal symbol of invention, but Edison's electric light bulb, which was the product of a whole team of engineers working together with different ideas, is the rule rather than the exception. So, go ahead and start something in your team – brainstorm, collaborate, innovate and revolutionize! Start something by networking with people across the organization; Start your own knowledge circuit. And yes, if you want an enabler, KNet is at your service.

‘Start Something’ is a campaign that Sony started off recently. And it’s no coincidence that the campaign was unleashed to promote its digital networking products and to symbolize the emphasis it lays on connectivity. Sony is a company that has an enviable track record as an innovator. To keep up with its goal of constant innovation, Sony is now restructuring and giving its various engineering and design teams an opportunity to literally be closer together after the restructuring. *Experts say “With so many creative forces so closely concentrated, the company has a rare opportunity to create incentives for new ideas that cross division and product lines.” Sony indeed seems to know how to Start Something!