Wednesday, October 27, 2004

KM and KMoore's Law

Newsletter series:

Moore’s law says – “The number of transistors per square inch in integrated circuits will double every year.” Taking the liberty to propose what could be called the KMoore’s law (with a mix of Murphy’s law too, if you like) – “Locating information, especially when you need it, will get doubly tougher (in terms of effort and time) every year.”

The ‘knowledge’ future is ours, only, we will need to continuously work towards a culture of generating/capturing knowledge, categorize and store them where they’ll be easily accessible.

KNet provides you a variety of enablers to do just this. Chip in. Go for the integrated approach. Solder Intelligence….inside KNet. Get the Knowledge Electrons to get into their right orbits…and be assured of a galaxy of knowledge when you need it most. Get active in your preferred KM Circuit – through KNetworks. Store those important case studies, expertise notes, best practices, technical documents, white papers, et al. Today, many of us struggle to get hold of these valuable pieces of knowledge. Tomorrow, we should not…