Wednesday, October 27, 2004

KM and Cricket

Another newsletter that I sent out to my organization:

It is the cricket mania season indeed. But in E&PE, it looks like the KNet mania season as well! It’s a KNet ‘sixer’ this week – well, actually, all we are saying is that there are six contributions that have gone into KNet from E&PE in the last one week. :)

Talking about cricket and KM, ever explored Third Umpires and their role? The people on the field deliver – be it batting or bowling or fielding – and the umpires on the field judge and declare. The umpires on the field are right in the middle of the action – they are where the action is. So, why get a Third Umpire to join the gang? Can’t the teams and the umpires on the field themselves do the job?

South Africa is believed to be the country that came out with the innovative idea of having Third Umpires in the game of cricket! Since then, Third Umpires have played a crucial role in the game – especially in the case of run-outs. They are better equipped to judge certain parameters and get to see the situation from a significantly different perspective. Not to forget, they ideally adopt a neutral stand. Does your team face such run-out situations? Why not get a well-known ‘Third Umpire’ to bring in a fresh perspective and share his/her ideas? Come to think of it, this is what knowledge-sharing and collaboration are all about. A new perspective from outside helps you think afresh – and be creative! So, go ahead and do it this way, a la, South Africa when the situation calls for it!