Wednesday, October 27, 2004

One of the very first newsletters I sent out...

Any idea why you should share your knowledge after all?

a).It helps you learn. Just try writing a paper, making a presentation, or explaining a subject to someone. You'll immediately realize that it makes you think hard, and introspect. This makes you know what you know much better!!

b).You get the satisfaction of sharing knowledge and at the same time your knowledge grows.

c).You get much more powerful! Yes, you read right. With the attitude to share knowledge comes the ability to draw people towards you and influence them with your thinking. With influence comes the real power that leaders are associated with. Leaders are made when they share their knowledge and develop their team members for individual as well as the organization's success.

d).You get recognized for what you are. Keeping your knowledge to yourself can never help you project what you are.

e).It contributes to improving your Communication Skills/Expressiveness.

f).You'll be rewarded as a part of schemes that are being worked out at the Vertical as well as Organizational level.

g).Sharing your knowledge brings more trust into the environment and mutual knowledge-sharing is a sure-fire way of coming out with Innovative Solutions.