Wednesday, October 27, 2004

KM and History Channel (Where Knowledge Comes Alive)

I liked the way this newsletter of mine came out...

This edition of KMinds has three little stories for you. We’ll have to log into history for these three interesting tidbits…The first one is the story of one of the most powerful nations that arose from ashes to become a super power; the story of Japan. When Nagasaki and Hiroshima were rocked by bombs, Japan got together and brainstormed! All the key industrialists, government officers, politicians and businessmen came together to think collectively and collaborate. It was this collective thinking and active collaboration that brought alive their ambitious and high flying visions, one after another – to be the best in steel, automobile, and electronics. Japan came alive from the ashes it was reduced to. And it lives on.

Second is the story of Walt Disney, the revolutionary cartoonist businessman. Walt Disney was a strong believer in collective thinking and collective idea generation. He was reputed to get his people under one roof and encourage them to come out with ideas – small/big, minor/major, practical/weird, stupid/intelligent. The result was that for the first time cartoons came alive and captured the imagination of all; kids and adults alike. Disney, Mickey, Donald and the rest live on.

Third is the story of Pyramids and how they were built by Egyptians. The latter failed in their attempts to build the pyramid many a time but of course learned from each attempt. They finally made it because of grit and determination! Unfortunately though, they did everything but forgot to document all that they learned. Mathematicians and Archeologists world wide have dedicated their entire lives trying to understand the mysterious Pyramids with little and time-consuming success. Pyramids unfortunately ‘housed’ mummies that couldn’t come alive and share the knowledge of how they were built! J. Mummies inside the pyramids are of course dead but are there any chances of the similar pyramids coming alive again? Can they ever be replicated? ‘Mummies may return’;) but will Pyramids? Will they live on?