Thursday, October 14, 2004

Children...! :)

Children are adorable, aren't they? But how many of us believe that they have something beyond just entertainment value! We can learn so much from them! In my view, some things that they are amazing at are -

- creativity : what wonderful ideas they come up with. nothing ever stops them from conjuring up the wildest of ideas and thoughts!

- curiosity and learning: they are always asking questions and some very fundamental and weird and uninhibited ones at that

- forgetting and forgiving : they forget and forgive before one can say 'hey'. Life will be one long joyful journey were we all to forget and forgive our near and dear ones

- playful nature : they are so playful and full of mirth. what we need to make life a song

- cheerful and happy : they are always cheerful and happy and don't recognize the downsides of life

- in the present (no past and no future) : they are mostly in the present and don't bother their little heads about the past or the future

- perseverance : they never ever give up. because they are not aware of the difficulties. they believe that anything can be accomplished provided they go at it doggedly!

life can be enchanting and fabulous were we to adopt a child's attitude! :)

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