Wednesday, October 27, 2004

KM and MF/Insurance

This went into one of my newsletters to the organization:

Knowledge Management is like subscribing to an Insurance Policy and a Mutual Fund in some ways. The benefits can be seen only on introspection and in the long-term. Life undoubtedly has its share of accidents that can’t be avoided altogether and knowledge captured (saved in a document) today might come to our rescue when we crash into ignorance, or unknown areas tomorrow. So to say, it also saves us from taxing times later (pun intended :)). One of the advantages of investing in a well-managed Mutual Fund is that it allows one to invest just what one can while pooling together similar amounts from many other sources and leveraging on this synergy to provide everyone with a phenomenal Return on Investment. KNet (our KM portal) is in a way a Knowledge Mutual Fund! It gets better with everyone chipping in with their bit! Just to trigger off your thoughts, some of the recent contributions from other verticals are on Technical and Managerial Lessons Learned, Best Practices and the like. Wouldn’t it be great to see more such contributions from E&PE (our business vertical), given its breadth and depth of experience and knowledge? Plunge into it for you’ll love the experience and the value-add that this activity will give you!