Wednesday, October 27, 2004

KM and Music

My newsletters again:

Here’s something you could muse about…Music has no language; come to think of it, knowledge too has no language…it is the same in any language, unless we are talking about knowledge on the language per se. Music needs its team to be in harmony. An Orchestra sounds wonderful only when everybody pitches in with her/his bit and there is perfect synchronization and realization of everyone’s value. So, if one wants a perfect Symphony, one knows the essentialities…

Here’s what people in E&PE have popped into KNet this week. Rock and roll to their knowledge tunes, if you like. Some of these contributions are classical. They might be instrumental on your job. So, just remember to pick up these knowledge lyrics if you want to sing along. (There aren’t any strings attached, though.) Pitch it up to your teams/peers if you think they can make use of it too…and let your voice be heard clear and loud, for knowledge, like music, has to be filtered from the noise.

Some of the latest knowledge compositions that you can tune into @ KNet.TecKNet MHz!