Saturday, October 23, 2004

Laughing and Humor

I guess there are 2 schools of thought when it comes to happiness and laughing.
One that believes that people laugh when they feel happy. The other that believes that to be happy, people should laugh! Laughter therapy must have originated from the second school. Anyways, like the saying goes, happiness is a state of mind. One can decide to be happy and be happy irrespective of what's happening around. Like Victor Frankl says in his book, happiness cannot be pursued. If that's the truth, then you don't need anything in particular to make you happy. If it can be proved through medical research that laughing tunes the heart, the body and the mind, then one's 'ready' to be happy! Why should one wait to get whatever one wants? Okay...let me stop here....guess I am rambling without any aim whatsoever....the bottom line is probably this - One can be happy - unconditionally - without needing anything to happen...
Blllthbbbb - Calvin style... ;)


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