Wednesday, October 27, 2004

KM and National Geographic

Another of my newsletters to my org:

When National Geographic announced the launch of its Mission Mars programme, many an eyebrow might have been raised, many a pen dropped, many a jaw fallen, and many a thrill passed down the spine . Because they dared to explore; to go where no one else has gone (on Television); true to their tagline. How about you? You too can dare…dare to go where no one else has gone. Dare to speak your mind. Dare to share what you have learned. Dare to document your thoughts for the rest of the world to read. Dare to be yourself. Dare to explore…!
If one wants to see emerging world patterns, one does have to read all that one can. See the common thread. The more one reads and get to see other perspectives; the better is one’s pattern recognition. After all, leaders are ones who see the patterns. Are you one too? Then, go ahead and set out on Mission Knowledge. And what’s more - now’s an apt time too! It’s Techforum time at Wipro and just the time when you can write all the white papers you’ve ever wanted to. (Once you are through with your Techforum submission, also ensure that you put it up on KNet for Wipro to savor).

Techforum is an event where the best of minds are brought together in a white paper contest...