Wednesday, October 27, 2004

KM and Cartoons

I made this up in a few minutes and loved it because of my obsession with cartoons:

Cartoons are fun. But do they provide entertainment value alone? They also teach us a lot - How to be sportive, how to recover from a deadly situation, how to look at the lighter side of things, how to forgive and forget, how to laugh out loud, how to persevere, how to be creative…and a lot more. Cartoons, undoubtedly, prove a point or two like in the examples below.

Ø Jerry writes a book on Tom and Jerry’s encounters and gets a sack of money for it from the publisher. Not knowing anything about till that moment, Tom is just about getting angry and enraged when jerry shows him that the 50% of the cheque amount had been made out in Tom’s name. It was a question of putting their abilities together to get to the money, even if we are only referring to Tom’s ability to chase Jerry till he is wild. And of course, Jerry had the values and attitude to not run away with the money but share it with his partner.
Ø Popeye depends on his spinach more than anything else for his strength. But there were occasions when his hands were tied and he couldn’t get to the spinach. In these circumstances, it was another partner who teamed up and provided him with the spinach!
Ø Dexter might be a genius and but it took his sister to ask him a few silly questions at times to get a brainwave.
Ø Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble had to team up to watch baseball & celebrate wins and basically do anything worthwhile, though Barney is always ready to forgive Fred for his sometimes negative attitude.
Ø The Power Puff Girls are certainly complete only when they are a team of three and not even one less. Enemies run haywire when they see the girls together.

Given all this, one doesn’t have to search long to find the reason why the fox never seems to be able to catch the ostrich in The Road Runner series or why Sylvester (the cat) is never able to catch Tweety (the bird) in The Loony Tunes. The fox/cat isn’t part of a team/isn’t teaming up with anyone…