Wednesday, October 27, 2004

KM and Tennis

Something on KM and Tennis - that I sent out in one of my newsletters:

Here are some ace contributions that you can’t however afford to drop. They might help you bring the project game back to deuce just in case you find yourself losing the knowledge advantage by a point or two. They might help you prevent double faults, cut down the unforced errors and be very careful about your second serves, if any. So, serve yourself…and return what you can, for a change, into the net - KNet. Picking up the top 3 documents from the KNet repositories, top 3 relevant projects from PDB and top 3 experts from KoNnEcT in your domain, might get you from 0-0 to a 40-0 Lead. And continuous such sets of 3 could win you the grand-slam ultimately.