Thursday, May 26, 2005

Words of strength…

Ignore incidents that teach nothing, digest those incidents that have an impact on you, learn from it and move on without letting the incident affect you so much that it dictates even the future (as in, limits the future). But fight for and correct things that are possible provided it’s not a wild goose chase…and don’t give up when you near the goal. Learn to read the situation and differentiate between ones that can be changed and ones that cannot. If things can be changed, study the cost-benefit graph. Is it worth your time, energy and mental reserves? At the same time, try and stay happy irrespective of whether you are being felicitated for whoever you are or are butchered for who you aren’t. Assume that everything that is not under your control and everything that has happened already is ‘fixed’ and as per destiny (karma) and that these things happen only for your own good. Assume that life can only be the best it can ever be. Assume that the world is with you and gives you what is best for you. Go on…enjoy every day of life. Enjoy every small nuance of life – the clouds, the insects, the birds, the music, the knowledge….this is the way to live! :)

Nimmy (Inspired by life)

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Sarita Shekhar said...

Yes, as the superior human species, the least we could do to glorify our race, is to act in accordance with our intellect - with our passions, making us define life instead of life defining us!

Thanks for the wonderful words - they are indeed words of strength!