Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Of outsourcing and KM

A top executive from a very popular organization into ERP addressed a group of people in this blogger’s organization on the occasion of a conference. He spoke about outsourcing (of course). What he had to say about it was extremely appealing to me as a KM believer and evangelist. He opined that outsourcing is about leveraging on the strengths of varied cultures and people across the globe; and that it’s not about costs or even about time to market. Nice thoughts, don’t you think?!

Methinks – The challenge lies in learning to collaborate and integrate these very differing and exclusive strengths. It’s on the same lines but tougher than the effort and people-intelligence required to convince the members of a team that it is the combination of the skills and expertise of each of them that lends a team its reputation and results.

The same speaker also drew an analogy between cars and software development – but that would be mostly applicable for product-centric environments – he spoke about frameworks, reuse, concentrating on fringes and the outside body rather than the core (I’d like to add - ...Not to be followed if what one wants is radical innovation)

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