Friday, May 13, 2005

The Performance Appraisal Process

Here's Gautam's post on performance appraisals. (Gautam, btw, is my blog mentor) Hmmm. Interesting indeed (but not surprising). Suits me. Just when I was thinking of analyzing the process and making mince-meat out of it. (I shall still do that once I've collected my thoughts). Gautam points out that "Only 13 percent of employees and managers and 6 percent of CEOs think their organization's performance appraisal is useful. And 88 percent say their current performance appraisal negatively impacts their opinion of HR."

To start with, I am sure managers who belong to the 13% are thinking about themselves rather than their reportees. And the report left out 'managers' at the end of the last sentence in the above-mentioned quote.

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Gautam Ghosh said...

ahem !

You don't have to say that :-))