Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Chase; The Marathon; The Hurdles

May 12th - This post has been modified to correct some mistakes

I was listening to an advt. on Radio City this morning - for a marathon in the city. It's a nice one. It goes something like this - "Chased dreams, chased opportunities, chased clients, chased the bus, chased deadlines, chased promotion, chased perfection, chased knowledge, chased people, chased that, chased this.........running comes naturally". (They forgot to add "Chased money, chased fame, chased position...chased by dogs" ;-) ) But the advt. did not achieve its purpose with me. It back-fired. It took me into the reverse gear. I found myself thinking that I do chase somethings but are they what I really need? I chase knowledge. But is it the right kind of knowledge that I am chasing? When you are chasing something material, there's a million other people chasing the same thing. Some people fight a fair battle. Some people cheat. That signals sorrow, hatred, anger, greed, jealousy, attachment, et al. What if you chase spirituality? What if you chase great values? What if you chase yourself? No one can prevent you from attaining these unless you let them. You cannot fail if all you chase is yourself.

Turn a blind eye to the evil forces. Don't let yourself believe that it's going to affect you in anyway. But learn to be smart enough to see through and stay away from the evil forces. At the same time, these are some interesting questions - What am I chasing? Do I need it? If I need it, am I trampling on others and killing them on their tracks?

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Rell said...

the pursuit of self is the greatest and most fulfilling endeavor if you ask me...