Thursday, May 26, 2005

When Silence Isn't Golden

This one, for some reason, made me laugh....! But, even though I agree with the concept of facing conflict and standing up for what's right, I somehow found myself recalling something that one of my colleagues told me - "Don't fight with a pig. The pig enjoys it, while, you get dirty!". Well, Well.....there is no dearth of conflicting opinions on this very topic there?! :)


Veerapathiran said...

a lot of people (including me) avoid getting into conflicts..for eg.when somebody breaks up a queue, many still live with it 'cos they dont want to pick a fight..swalpa adjust maadi mentality :-)

i think we need to know whom we're going to fight. if its a pig avoid it at all costs, if it is a normal sensible person, go for it, u never know he might spot his mistake :-) (btw, how do u know whether a stranger is a pig or not?)

"The aim of an argument or discussion (or fight) should not be victory, but progress."
--from PAQ
so, if u r not making any progress in the fight, u might as well come out of it..

Nimmy said...

Wow! Great thoughts, Veera! Your thoughts provoke me into thinking further.... I like the PAQ quote a lot!! But I doubt if any of us think that way.... :(