Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Carrots, Eggs and Coffee

Somebody once sent me a mail that had an intriguing story to tell. Especially for those who relate to food and the kitchen but have never approached the things mentioned in the story from the same angle. I recall this to help myself out of my current situation. I will not be able to tell the story the same way. I can only recall the gist of it. But that should suffice.

- Carrots when boiled in water become soft and edible.
- Eggs when boiled in water become hard.
- Coffee bean when boiled in water dissolves but changes the quality, taste and aroma of the water.

One has to learn to be like the coffee bean. Being a carrot would mean being eaten up - actually you've lost your strength and become a weakling. Being an egg would mean that you've lost your character and values. Coffee bean means you've dissolved yourself into the situation and changed it for the better. I want to learn to be like the coffee bean. I can't help thinking that even hard rocks when hit constantly by waves lose parts of themselves and become small stones in what would seem to be an overnight phenomenon. A rock that is hit with a hammer might be unmoved after the first few hits. But after a hundred such blows, it breaks up. People in the know say that GOD has apparently given human beings so much strength that they can bear any kind of blow and how many ever blows they are subjected to. GOD, I hope you know what you are doing... but yes, like someone said, I wish you wouldn't trust me so much though! :)

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