Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Sudden Realizations - Be warned - non-qualified definition of Branding follows: :-)

Branding is not about making one's presence felt. It is not about screaming from roof tops about one's products/services. It is not about making consumers believe that one's product or service is the best. It is not about blowing trumpets. It is not about sleazy and spiffy advertisements. It is not about claiming something that one knows isn't the truth. It's not about what one has to offer per se. It's not about a catchy tag line. It's not about the CEO of the organization...

Branding is about communicating with the customer. Consistently. From the heart. To reach the customers' hearts. Branding is not just about rhetoric. It is about actions. It is about deeds. It is about understanding what the customer wants and attempting to satisfy the need and saying so in a manner that is genuine but crisp and mind-trapping (have i invented a new word? ;)). Branding is about relating to the customer and her needs. Branding is about concern for the customer; not for self. Branding is not about the organization looking good - it is about making the customer look good.

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