Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Dear Laptop

I've just given away my old laptop! Feeling :) and :(

It was an old old machine that did not support many a thing, but it nevertheless stood by me and helped me do my work at any time that I felt like. All those papers, blog posts and articles that I wrote in the middle of the night...all those songs that I listened to when I was on a low/high....all those documents that I downloaded (and forced the laptop to hold) but never read...I did try to get rid of it and get hold of a better one, but it never happened till now. Now...because I have moved into a new role (that of a business consultant) The new laptop, of course, doesn't look familiar...but is quite cool what with office 2003, desktop search, and wi-fi features. Hoping that I'll put it to good use and be found to deserve it! :) . I got working yesterday and sat up late into the night and installed almost everything that I've ever wanted to... ;). And...this is my very first blog post on the new machine!

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