Monday, May 16, 2005


I've just discovered that I've been quoted in a presentation on Blogs by a rep. (Farida) from APQC (Americal Productivity and Quality Center) in the eGov Conference which was held in Washington DC (last month). My paper on Blogging (Bless the Bloggers) has been referred to for the role of Blogs in KM. :-)

The slide looks something like this -

Pros of Blogging in Knowledge Management

> Helps in fundamental communication, easy expression
> Tool for story telling
> Easy to give credit for original ideas based on blog entries
> A good introverts’ tool
> Helps capture more tacit knowledge (helps combat attrition to an extent)
> Managers’ blog (contributes as related to relationships and employee-motivation)
> Facilitates cross-pollination of ideas
> A tool for internal marketing and branding
> If open to the customer it can help improve customer relationships
> Builds trust
> Helps in personal knowledge management and learning
> Helps build a KM culture

Can't help pulling my own leg. The world seems to have gone crazy! What? ;)


Gautam Ghosh said...

Awesome !

Congrats !

Raj said...

Hey Good going, Congrats!

Veerapathiran said...

(e)going places!!congrats!