Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The extent to which man goes...for money (and mangoes)

This is nothing new. Money (mis)rules the world. People do most of the ‘bad’ things they do, for money; For a quick buck. But the realization and acknowledgement of this doesn’t in anyway leave me insensitive to the things happening around us. I recently heard that mango growers and vendors are using a chemical, that’s harmful to human beings, to ripen mangoes faster than they otherwise would. Man wants to go….or shall we say…man goes…faster than God wants to go on those mangoes….eh?

I wonder if the world would have been a better place to live in had it not been for money! On second thoughts, if not money, the 'spotlight' may have been on various other things like material, land, fame, power, ego et al. Sigh! Man's most powerful instinct is survival and blind self-service....before which the good and the bad are undistinguishable. That's why spirituality focuses on forgetting the self and concentrating on the world around us, killing the ego, and about love and kindness. I guess it all boils down to 2 approaches. "I, Me, Mine" or "We, Us, Ours". And maybe there are others (lost in transition) who are torn between the two - the conscience against the first approach and practical-thinking (common sense?) against the second...whew! Life is simple yet complex...Actually, I am not sure if life is more complex than it appears.....or more simple than it appears... :)

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