Sunday, May 15, 2005

School Essay on Pets :)

I suddenly imagined that I was back in school and my english teacher had asked me to write an essay on 'your pets'. :) enjoyed writing this 8-)

I’ve had 2 doggies (Daschunds) for my best friends so far. To think of their contradicting characters and ways is very amusing and intriguing. Compare this.

One of them, who is no more, was, loving, affectionate, very expressive, demanding, friendly with outsiders and especially with children, a glutton of sorts, and one who gulped down food like everyday was his last day. Even the rustling of a plastic bag would bring him running, from whichever corner of the house he was in, for food. He’d eat anything from rice to vegetables to chocolates to passerby ants. He would never ever miss his walks and would ensure that we either took him for a walk or explained ourselves out of the neighborhood. Of course, we could not afford to do the latter which meant he got to walk around the area like he owned it. He had an extremely casual and lethargic attitude and had some trouble carrying himself around, what with a tummy that would not have given in to Newton’s law of gravity given that it anyways touched the ground. He hated to be disturbed while eating and sleeping. And, btw, it seems like those were the only two things he did. He loved my dad and would always want to listen to and decipher whatever my dad said. Thank God he did not get to watch Dr. Dolittle for he would have threatened my dad to learn animal language or face the consequences. The interesting thing was that if he was on one side of a door and my dad on the other side, to listen, he’d tilt his head at an angle > 45 degrees and keep increasing the angle incrementally to touch almost 90 degrees - first to the left and then to the right or vice versa, for the whole duration of the monologue. I’d always pester my dad to talk some gibberish and close the door and let my doggie friend listen to him from outside the door. The scene never ever failed to elicit uncontrollable glee from me. (I’d be watching from behind and guffawing away to glory and he’d once in a while turn around and fix his eyes on me as if threatening to chew me up starting from the head). He hated water and would run a minimum of 343489723 ½ miles to avoid water. He hated going to the vet and would almost scare the latter to death during the process of treatment (esp. injections). But he was a favorite with the children in the neighbourhood and had many a close friend amongst them. When it was time for him to leave the world, his loss was unbearable but it is fortunately true that we humans can get over anything.

Now, the second one whose presence adds ‘value’ to the entire colony is another story altogether. He is also as loving as doggie #1 (sounds like another of Govinda’s movies). He too is an attention-seeking guy and loves it when one spends time playing with him. He gets so excited that he sometimes bites into his fellow-players. But the similarities between the two stories stop here.

This guy is so thin that you could mistake him for a skeleton in a brown cover. He is non-expressive, undemanding, and a bad eater; extremely ferocious with outsiders and more so with children (he probably thinks children belong to his clan and are his competitors going by their sizes). He eats very little and is, over and above that, a very slow eater who ensures that he inspects his food from every angle before deciding to nibble at it one particle at a time. He doesn’t bark (demand) for anything at all. He doesn’t bark for food when he is hungry; bark for a walk when eager; or bark to be let into the house when it gets late or it rains. He doesn’t object to being tied! Or being made to wait for food - he patiently waits till it is transferred on to his plate. He doesn’t mind getting wet in the rain or being given a scrubby bath! He likes to lap-up some water once in a while. He is hyperactive and always chasing something or barking at other dogs/outsiders. Even after going to sleep, he is ready to wake up and be disturbed any number of times if it is for playing/chatting up on anything including India’s GDP and inflation rates, BPO and the recent tsunami. My aunt, btw, says that he is a tsunami of a dog. It may sound surprising but this guy bears with any sort of pain and can take an injection like a man. Vets can take it easy when treating him. But he isn’t loved by the children as he bares his teeth when he sees one.

What a diametrically opposite character from that of doggie #1 - but both of them equally lovable! Isn't that food for thought?

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Helena said...

I adore animals...And I have even ordered a credit card with the image on my doggie on it ))