Friday, December 16, 2005

Seek-ing to beat Google? The era of search

Check out this new search engine (in beta). It sure seems to be Seeking to beat Google out cold. Will the future see one set of people Googling as usual but another set Seeking? The search engine is as quick and effective as Google and offers a few more facilities like preview, result-saving, categorizing of results, etc. Let the consumer – the Queen (I’ve got bored of saying Customer is the King) – bask in the aftermath of the war of the Search Engines!! Hola!   

Note: One of my friends informed me about Seek…it was not the result of my seeking a better Search Engine. I am after all a hard core Google fan! While on the topic, I can’t help but wonder if it would be easy even for a better product/service to usurp the wonderful brand image that Google has. The Google logo is one of the coolest I know. What with its multi-purpose Os and all that….

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