Wednesday, December 28, 2005

War and Peace

I caught up with some C&H (Calvin & Hobbes) recently and needless to say enjoyed myself thoroughly. The book – Revenge of the Baby-Sat. One small strip that I read struck a ‘serious n sober’ chord in me. The theme was War and Peace. Hobbes the lovable tigy asks Calvin why they have to play War games and not Peace games and Calvin says “There aren’t enough role models” for the latter! (Calvin ought to read more about Gandhi :-))

Both of them pretend to have guns and the rule of the game as Calvin explains it is that the person who is ‘shot’ should play dead and the person who remains ‘alive’ wins the game. The game starts and both of them ‘shoot’ each other. But they don’t play dead…instead realization dawns upon the two.  Both of them look at the reader with an expression that’s probably one of both bewilderment and enlightenment. Calvin says “Stupid game”!

I couldn’t agree more!! :O

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Edward said...

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