Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Catching up....

I did one of my favourite things today, after a longish gap - Browsing through magazines from the world’s top management schools. Browsed through HBR and MIT Sloan Review. Got some food for thought as expected.


§         Jonathan Schwartz (Sun Microsystems) says in an article on executive blogging that “having a blog will not be a matter of choice for business executives anymore than using email is today” in the November 05 edition of HBR.  

§         An article on innovation vs. complexity indicates that organizations need to balance the two to achieve maximum revenue as well as profits. Not that I see too many organizations focusing on innovation and taking a hit on the revenues. Well, long-term implications will obviously have to be given due-consideration. Short-term balancing will not work. I am yet to read the article….may have more thoughts once I read the article. Can’t help observing that the world’s thinking definitely goes around in circles. Efficiency –> innovation –> efficiency.

§         HBR has a small column on business models. Hilariously written I must add. :)

§         MIT Sloan Review has a series of articles on how one ought not to get *too* close to the customer as things like expectation management might then become too hot and difficult to handle. I can relate to that. ;) But I’d like to ask…hey, do you have a choice if you want to survive in this cut-throat world, leave alone get to the top?   


If you happen to read these interesting articles, please leave your comments here. Toodle-oo then!

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