Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Yin and Yang of Blog Posts...

It’s time to confess! As I switch between serious/intelligent (yeah, I heard you cackle :-\ ) and funny/silly posts (yeah, I hear you cRackle :}), I have wondered if it’s okay for me to do so given my age (which I cannot of course divulge here). Here’s where I go into an introspective journey to discover what it really means to me. Don’t I want to be known as a KM/Business/Advertising thought-leader rather than a cartoon-enthusiast? Will one take away the thunder from the other? Are the two reputations considered mutually exclusive by the society at large? Strangely enough, I ask these questions despite not wanting to lose sleep over society’s opinions. But the very act of entertaining the thought helps reiterate the need to do what I love doing rather than oblige to society’s expectations!

Will talking about C&H, Tom & Jerry and the rest of the funny (and some honestly childish) topics cause a dent in the reputation that I think I’d be most happy with for myself? But hey…..wait! I wouldn’t be my own self were I to consciously avoid talking such stuff or even contemplate such a thing. I simply can’t settle for only serious and sober talk irrespective of how old I grow. I will always love my quota of cartoons, and other childish and simple pleasures in life like acting and talking crazy, watching the sun set, the dog tilting his head, the child smile, et al. I derive equal joy - if not more - in talking about the seemingly insignificant and simple things in life as seen through a child’s eyes, as in talking about KM/organizations/business management or strategy.

Besides, I strongly believe that embracing both the yin (serious/philosophical stuff in this context) and yang (funny/silly/crazy stuff in this context) of life is the secret of true happiness. Switching roles (i.e. topics) to me is like an actor getting a twin role. It challenges and gets the best out of the actor and gives her immense satisfaction. The joy of life is to balance the 2 extremes. Like watching Cartoon Network/Disney/Pogo one minute and switching to Animal Planet/CNBC/Discovery/Nat Geo the next. I really think grown-ups who’ve ‘lost’ the child in them have lost a lot. But the good news is that all is perhaps not lost (pun unintended) – I believe that what has been ‘lost’ can surely be found. The child in you can be reborn!

Talking of bringing back the child in you, many a time a close relative (CR) who watched me glued to cartoons on TV had an expression of undisguised disbelief. Another CR on similar occasions had an expression of undisguised ridicule. Every cartoon has her day. Err. Every dog has his day. On one particular day, not very long ago, when I refused to let go of the remote and subjected everyone to a good spell of Tom & Jerry, the ‘first’ CR had no alternative but to take what was given. Well, would you believe it? Now, the CR stops by to share a laugh or two whenever a certain cat & mouse pair run amok on the idiot box. :P That is, I think, a clear case of the triumph of the child in the CR! What? ;-)

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