Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Friend (Fri-day-end)

How would you define a best friend? Who would you call your best friend?

1. One who knows almost everything about you?

2. One whom you’ve known for the longest time period in your life?

3. One who is always there to help you when you need her the most?

4. One who cares to listen to you anytime?

5. One who understands everything about you and helps you achieve your goals/solve your problems?

6. One who spends the most amount of time with you?

7. One who you laugh with most of the time?

8. One who you cry with most of the time?

9. One you enjoy life the most with?

10. One who solves your problems?

11. One who criticizes and prods you?

12. One who loves you but may not necessarily be of help?

13. One you love a lot?

14. One with whom you gossip and discuss everything about the world?

15. One who shares your interests, likes and dislikes?

16. One who shares your values?

Which would be your top 3 items? Or would you want to add your own to this list?

PS: I just realized that FRIEND could be interpreted this way – FRI for Friday. END for end. Fri-end – the person that you would most probably want to spend the weekend with – from the end of Friday till the end of Sunday. What? :P

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