Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Counter-Intuitive Ideas...

Here are some of the counter-intuitive ideas that have crossed my mind/path of late.

Wonder how many more such ideas are doing the rounds. It would be interesting to know

-          Another thought that has passed my mind is the perils of being a pioneer and taking initiative. The pioneer suffers the losses and endures the mistakes and difficulties of going through uncharted territory while the immediate followers learn from his mistakes and challenges he faces and they themselves go through a smoother journey with a lot fewer obstacles

-          MIT Sloan Review talks about the hazards of getting too close to the customer as opposed to the conventional wisdom of considering the customer to be the king and co-creating the future with the customer. The hazards of getting too close to the customer being spiraling expectations and thereafter difficulties in expectations management. (Isn’t this actually evident? We expect a lot more understanding and support and love etc from our immediate family and best friends and are not ready to forgive them when they don’t ‘deliver’ as against people that are just acquaintances!)  

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