Thursday, December 15, 2005

Who art thou, O, blogger?

Category: Impulsive post


A blogger is not necessarily one who is only bursting to tell the world what she thinks. She could be one who just loves to think aloud and does not unfortunately have an alter ego a la Calvin who has Hobbes. She could be one with a natural flair for writing, someone who loves language and literature and is waiting to enrobe her thoughts, opinions, feelings, and encounters in words. It could be someone who just wants to communicate to her kith and kin across the world what she is going through on a daily basis and at one shot. She could be someone who just wants to join the blogging bandwagon and give the whole thing a shot….in which case it would typically be a short shot or in other words a shot short. Thee hee. :)


Hey, talking of blogging, will some one tell me how one gets to show smileys on blogger? And covering some more ground on blogging, Google ought to introduce tagging on blogger apart from smileys, bullets etc. I won’t settle for Google being the laggard in anything they do and nor would, I am sure, any other Blogger user. :)

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