Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Bengalis occupy one of the top spots in my list of the most admirable people in India. Many of the literature greats, intellectuals, spiritual leaders, artists, thought-leaders and current business executives that I’ve read about/encountered are from Bengal. One very evident aspect that everyone knows about is that being based out of a coastal area they eat a lot of fish. And fish is considered to be a great contributor to the development of one’s grey cells….

(If you’re a parent, it would perhaps be worthwhile to feed your child on fish?) Hey, here’s a word of warning – This is not an expert opinion….just a comment from a passer-by. I am just thinking aloud and you ought to decide for yourself if this is a worthwhile attempt. Anyways, before I wind up this short post, how can I not mention that PLUM, through Bertie Wooster, has mentioned in many of the Jeeves’ series that the latter derives his intelligence from his fish-eating habits! :) And what about cats? Are they the way they are (clever) because of their fish intake? (Tom of the Tom & Jerry fame being an exception) Is that why we use the phrase that someone’s a cat at something if that person happens to be very good at the same thing (pardon the weird language)? While on the topic, is there some kinda established research on the correlation between fish-eating habits and intellectual abilities? But whatever the truth is this whole matter about eating fish to become brainy is either which way fish-y.  ;) Looks like there is an ocean of conversation material on the topic of fishes & intelligence…..but no time to go fishing for more information right now….

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