Friday, August 01, 2008

Thinking about KM's Growth as a Concept....

  • Knowledge was thought of as an occasional and almost-permanent Thing - Thus were born Repositories
  • Knowledge was thought of as something only in People's Minds - Thus were born Expertise Locators
  • Knowledge was thought of as a constant Stream of Thought - Thus were born Blogs
  • Knowledge was thought of as a Collective Entity (rather than Individualistic) - Thus were born Communities
  • Knowledge was thought of as a Constant and Collective Flow & Evolution of Thought - Thus were born Wikis
  • Knowledge was thought of as Contextual and Specific to Relationships between People - Thus were born Social Networks
  • Knowledge was thought of as that which People Value - Thus were born Social Bookmarking and RSS
  • Knowledge was thought of as something that can be extracted, in the form of trends and patterns - from oceans of data and information, through smart/intelligent tools - Thus was born Business Intelligence and Data Mining
  • Knowledge was thought of as something that emerges and suggests itself rather than something exists in a ready-to-use form - Thus were born the practices of Brainstorming and After Action Review

Knowledge is not just one of the above but all of it. It has multiple dimensions. Each dimension contributes in its own way towards efficiency and effectiveness. But people, of course, have their own pets and preferences. The culture and specific situation determine what would be the solution's ideal mix.


G.S.Krishnan said...

Well Said Nimmy!

You have given nine avatars of Knowledge Management.

Let me add the Dasavathar:

Knowledge can be considered as omnipresent and time independent;hence the evolution of devotion to discover and realise it.

Nimmy said...

Thanks GSK! :-) And thanks again for the 10th dimension!

Intriguing...knowledge is indeed everywhere and anywhere and irrespective of time. We just have to look for it. Gives me another thought....knowledge depends on perception as well....maybe that's why we have Personal KM! :)

Ron Young said...

I like the post Nimmy. Made me think hard.

I think Krish has a great comment too.


Nimmy said...

Hey Ron...good to see you here. :)

And thanks so much for the acknowledgement!

I came up with this when someone new to KM asked me to explain the differences between the various approaches and tools we make use of....I love it when people ask fundamental and/or intelligent questions... :) It makes me think better...