Sunday, August 24, 2008

Blogs Again....

After I posted links to a couple of cool and popular blogs I discovered in the recent past, I realized that there are a few more blogs that I'd found to very impressive in the more distant past but had forgotten to mention here. I must spread the word about them as well... :-) Here goes....

(Note: There is one common element amongst all these bloggers - They were the ones to discover my blog and comment on it as a consequence of which I discovered their writings!)

Carnal Zen (CZ writes soooo well. And, btw, I love the tagline on her blog. She is very introspective about life and love among other things. In my opinion, she belongs to the category of bloggers that are liked for being genuine and honest. She has left many a comment on my blog that has helped me add to my thoughts)

Cool Alien from Mars (Has a cool writing style.....he muses about a variety of things...actually just about anything....but I guess the highlights of his blog, to me, are his compassionate stories and "out-of-the-world" poems ;-))

Medhini (She is a wonderful storyteller! Specializes in short stories and contributes to many a group-blog focusing on them. She also reproduces some famous short stories once in a while. Read this thoughtful story of hers. And I love this one off introspective post)

Circle of Life (Rakesh. Introspective. Poetic. Passionate. To start with, I found this poem to be stunning and extremely moving.)

And, finally, it is going to be difficult for me to forgive myself for missing out on mentioning this blog earlier.
For some strange reason, I seem to have st(r)ayed away from a specific post to spread the word (literally, because you are bound to discover all the beautiful words that exist in the dictionary, on his blog)......Anyways, better late than never. I've been reading this blogger's - Alok's - brilliant poems for perhaps more than a year now! His poems are extremely passionate, introspective, and extraordinary. He can get England down on its knees with his language and poetic skills. Alok has a huge fan following and can, honestly, be difficult to comprehend for the average literate like me ;-) Hee Hee. His middle name ought to be Wordsworth for both his poetic skills and his mind-boggling vocabulary. Be sure to drop in if you have a sophisticated taste for poetry (He used to be a frequent commentator on my blog but, unfortunately, seems to have gone into hibernation - from blogosphere - for the past two odd months.)


Carnal Zen said...

Thanks Nimmy~! I've been MIA due to technical difficulty but thanks for the shiny endorsement and overwhelming compliment. I will set my sights on earning it!

Nimmy said...

:-) Hey CZ. Glad to see you back in action! :-) And you fully deserve the appreciation!

cOOL_aLIEN_fRM_mARS said...

Hi Nimmy

incoming links are the positive strokes that bloggers crave for! :P and u just made my day

thanks a looot for the compliment :)

MBA is killing me rt now so no time for even breathing


Nimmy said...

Cool, Cool Alien from Mars! :-) Enjoy your MBA...but don't forget how to breathe!! :P